Nonprofit Board survey shows performance measurement shortcomings

Nonprofit board survey highlights nonprofit performance measurment shortcomings

This survey by the Stanford Graduate School of Business has several important findings. They conclude at the beginning of the executive summary that many boards need significant improvement.

One area they emphasize is performance measurement and monitoring. One of the authors states:

“Rigorous performance measurement is the bedrock of good governance,” says Meehan. “How can the board claim to understand whether its initiatives are successful unless it is measuring their impact? Start with a mission-focused theory of change. Outline a logic model that shows a clear connection between your initiative and the desired outcome. And then rigorously measure performance.”

Yet one of their findings is that forty-six percent of directors have little to no confidence that the data they review fully and accurately measures the success of their organization in achieving its mission.
Get the full study here: 2015 Survey of Boards of Directors of Nonprofit Organizations.


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