What is Policy Governance?

Policy governance is a system for board governance for nonprofits. It was developed by John Carver. It is a complete system for how to conduct the board’s governance work. Because it is a comprehensive approach, it can get involved and a little confusing.  The basic elements — ends policies, executive limitations policies, and performance monitoring — are simple and straightforward.  It is really a common sense and logical approach.

Why the Video?

The video was created to provide a brief introduction to policy governance.  It is intended only as a place to start in understanding the policy governance model and how to put it into practice. It is intended for people who are just learning about their governance role as a board member. It may also be a good review for people getting started with policy governance and want to revisit the fundamentals. The concepts here are useful even if you are not following the policy governance model.

policy governance overview
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