Policy Governance Principles - Videos

Policy Governance Principles

The following short videos explain important policy governance principles. The intent is to introduce policy governance by examining several of the key principles. Note: only three videos in this series are posted now. Others will be available in the future as I produce them.

Boards Act on Behalf of Owners

This video addresses the relationship between the nonprofit board and the “owners” of the nonprofit. It explains the concept of ownership for nonprofits and the boards responsibility to represent the owner’s interests.

Establishing Ends is the Essential Duty of Governance

This video addresses the fundamental importance of creating ends policies by nonprofit boards using the policy governance model. Ends policies establish the purpose for the organization — the reason it exists.

Boards Should speak with One Voice

This video covers why it is important for boards to speak with one voice. It shows how written policies help the entire board get on the same page on important governance issues. Consistent communications flows from written policies and the discipline to support board decisions. Common board dysfunctions that can occur if the “speak with one voice” principle is not followed are highlighted.