Government HR reform — add value and manage talent

Government HR Reform

Let’s improve public sector performance through government HR reform

We should be concerned about government HR reform.  A recent column in Governing Magazine, Getting More Value out of the Government HR Department, makes good suggestions for change.   I have long experienced government human resource departments focused on administration and legal compliance. The top priority is avoiding legal and regulatory mistakes. This leads to rigid rules and processes for hiring, compensation, and discipline. The government workplace, like many workplaces, has changed dramatically.  Human resources needs to be strategic.  As the article argues, it should focus on adding value.  As any experienced manager knows, getting the right person for the job makes all the difference. Of course it is necessary to follow the law. But government human resources should be so much more. Talent management – recruiting, hiring, and developing the best people for the job is critical.  We can’t expect government to be more effective or efficient if it doesn’t have the human capital needed for the job.