Boards and Nonprofit Performance - Measuring and Monitoring


The primary responsibility of the board is to assure the organization achieves results for its owners. We likely all agree with that statement. That’s the easy part. Doing it is harder. Measuring and monitoring performance in nonprofits is complex. There are multiple perspectives — the board, funders, the CEO, and the functional and program managers. There are various purposes — accountability, problem solving, routine management, and performance improvement. Sorting through all of this as a board member can be difficult.

The purpose gathering information and advice here is to make a little easier for board members, and for CEOs working with boards, to work together to achieve the shared goal of having a positive impact.  Basic concepts and helpful practical advice is the focus. Those interested in the broader field of performance measurement and performance management in nonprofits will need to look elsewhere although a few links may be provided.

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Useful Websites

The following links have helpful information on measuring and monitoring performance in nonprofits.

Leap of Reason is an organization created to inspire and support nonprofit leaders and funders to be mission-focused, performance-driven. Their website has useful written materials as well as videos.